Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water


To some people, the extra step of filtering your water before you drink it seems like an unnecessary precaution. It’s just  water, how bad can it be – right? Unfortunately this isn’t the case. If you’re constantly choosing to run your class of water right under an unfiltered tap, there are a number of chemicals, unwanted minerals, and toxins you’re allowing to enter your body.

These toxins can cause a lot of harm to our bodies, including making us sick or even giving us cancer. If those kinds of sicknesses can be avoided just by adding a filter, why wouldn’t you?

If you’re still not sold on the benefits of filtering your water before you drink it, here are five surprising benefits of drinking filtered water:

1. It Tastes Better

Before getting into the biological reasons you should be drinking filtered water, let’s mention that filtered water does, in fact, taste better.

When you pass the water through a filter, you’re removing all the unnecessary additives from the water. This could mean everything from dirt that found its way into your pipes or toxins that were already in the water before it made its way to your sink. When they are removed from your drinking water, you’re left with a clearer, cleaner, beverage that you can usually taste the difference in.

2. Costs Less

It may seem like filtering water is an expensive process, but it is really rather cheap. When comparing purchasing a water filter or purchasing water bottles, you will most likely spend significantly less money using a water filter than you would buying water bottle packs.

Filtered water bottle water is also cleaner than bottled water. When water sits in a plastic bottle for too long, the chemicals in the bottle plastic can begin to break down and make their way into the water. This means you’ll be spending a ton of money on water that is contaminated and unhealthy for you.

3. Reduce Your Risk of Developing Cancer

If you continuously expose your body to the harmful chemicals and toxins found in tap or bottled water, you’re consistently introducing carcinogens, like chlorine, into your body and bladder. Chlorine is added to water because it is a cheap way to disinfect it. Unfortunately, chlorine is not much better for you than what it is removing from your water.

When you remove the chlorine from your drinking water, you’re reducing your risk of developing cancer in the bladder, rectal and colon and the easiest way to remove chlorine from your drinking water is to use a water filter.

4. Better Tasting Food

If you are using your tap water to cook, using filtered water will undoubtably make it taste a little bit better. Like we mentioned before, using a water filter removes the dirt and toxins from your water that might give them an off taste. These dirt particles and toxins are not always removed in the cooking process, which means you might be cooking them right into your food.

If you begin using filtered water to cook, you’re eliminating the unnecessary dirt and toxins from your food, which can really be helpful if you believe your food is tasting a bit off.

5. Improve Oral Health

Drinking filtered water can also help your oral hygiene. If you are constantly putting harsh chemicals like chlorine from unfiltered water into your mouth, you probably have a bit of a dental hygiene problem. Maybe you haven’t been able to link the two together, but the chemicals found in unfiltered water are bad for us all around – even for our teeth.

If you’re brushing or rinsing with unfiltered water, begin using filtered water and you should experience a happier mouth, less irritated gums, and a whiter smile. Grab a cup of filtered water on your way to brush your teeth to use for brushing or rinsing.

With the number of benefits on drinking filtered water, there is no reason to continue consuming the harmful toxins and chemicals found in tap or bottled water. With the simple additive of a water filter, you can see an entire change in your health and lifestyle. Because water filters come in a number of styles, from pitchers, to faucet clip ons, to individual water bottles, there is a water filter to suit any individual and lifestyle.

Blender – The Ultimate Equipment To Make Smoothies


Making the perfect healthy smoothie takes time, equipment and know how.

In our other blogs I’ll talk about the exact recipes and what to put in your smoothies and juices, but in todays blog I wanted to talk a little bit about the equipment that you should be using to make your smoothies.

A High Speed Blender

If you are making smoothies in a regular basis then you NEED a high quality and trust worthy high speed blender. Personally I love the Optimum 9200.

There are many reasons for my love of this blender, however ultimately it comes down to a few things. Firstly its the price. The 9200 is under $500, which is almost half the price of a Vitamix here in Australia! Secondly, the 9200 packs  A LOT of power, like 12% more than a vitamix.

Thirdly, its super quick. With blades that spin at upto 44,000RPM, its much faster than a Vitamix that runs at 38,000 RPM. This leads t much smoother smoothies, much finer flours and much less time bent over hte bench trying to make nut butters.

Other than a blender you need to get yourself some good supplements.

Supplements that I recommend include things like…

  • Maca powder – as it boosts energy, libido and endurance as well as balances female hormones
  • Greens Powder – Its not always possible to fill your smoothies with loads of organic greens, so instead I recommend that you look at getting yourself a high quality greens powder. What ever one you choose wheat grass should be the base as its the healthiest ingredient on the market
  • Slippery Elm – This bark is great for curing ulcers, digestive issues and much much more. Bottom line – If you’re trying to get healthy take slippery elm.
  • Pure Stevia Extract – Pure Stevia extract is essential for healthy living. If allows you to ditch the nasty sugars that posion your system and kill your insides while swapping them for much healther Stevia.

Bottom Line

If you’re serious about making smoothies a life style change, then I highly recommend that you get yourself a high speed blender such as the Optimum 9200, as well as the supplements to help you get the most from your day.

Ninja Juicer, The Versatile Option To Create Perfect Fruit Smoothies


Using a Ninja Juicer is indeed a wonderful idea and experience because it has the ability to take care of several fruits and vegetables. These juicers are far better compared to other juicing systems available both online and in the local market today. If you wish to create fruit smoothies and other beverages that are rich in flavors and nutrients or something that has all-around options, this is definitely the best appliance you could get.

Advantages of Ninja Juicer

Motor Strength

This juicer’s motor has the strength to effectively mix one’s beverages in less than a minute. Even ice cubes will be crushed into fine granules with great ease. You can control the speeds as every model comes with handy buttons, allowing you to make your friends’ and loved ones’ drinks with fun and excitement. For sure, you would never want to use any other brands as soon as you have tried Ninja Juicers.

The Blades

The blades are really long lasting and powerful enough to slice or crush any ingredients completely. The pulse feature can grind ice so that you may add it to your favorite beverages. The jar is straight forward for easy cleaning and you may disassemble it with great ease including the serving. Whether you are preparing breakfast for smoothies or snacks, you would get a great deal of use with this important appliance.

The advantage of using this juicer is it can readily accept huge chunks of fruits and vegetables, where a standard appliance many times just cannot do the same. This juicer’s cutters are highly noted for their strength. They will take on all of the needed dicing required for juicing. You won’t likely need to add lots of water just to get a smooth and thinner blend. You may, of course, add as much fluid as you want.

For people who truly don’t like pulps, you may have to strain it out before serving up your beverages. Otherwise, there’s going to be a little pulp and small bits of veggies and fruits in your drink. Manual straining can seem like a daunting task, but this is really a minor problem considering how handy this type of appliance is. By adding fruit juice to fresh veggies and fruits as you mix, you are able to control the consistency.

The Price

The price is just the same to other popular brands. The advantage with Ninja Juicer is that you readily get much more than the usual since it offers more capabilities; an all-around device. It is also very easy wash up and does not require extra maintenance. The price is very affordable and you must get a great deal of use of it because it can deal with several other kitchen functions. Ninja Juicer is a slick looking device and you would get several years of care free service from it, regardless if you are making smoothies, crushing ice, etc.

You can also visit Juicer to see other reviews of similar juicers such as the Breville Juicer or the Citrus Juicer.

4 Reasons You Should Eat Chia Seeds


So if you’ve ever wondered why chia seed are so good for you, then you’ve come to the right place!

You see…

Chia seeds come with so many health benefits that it’s a surprise why we don’t consume more of them.

But before I get in the 4 REAL reasons you should eat chia seeds, I will tell you a quick story with how I got into them.

I was honestly eating chia seeds before the media really began noticing them. I was following Dr. Robert o Young, the founder of the Alkalarian diet, who introduced them to me as they were so alkaline, and super energising.

I Started using them in my porridges, making chia seed puddings, and adding them to my smoothies, they were great! The texture started to become additive and I started consuming them daily because they were good for me.

But just how good were they for me?

That answer will be solved below…

1. Chia seeds Improve Exercise Performance

When a study was done on long distance runners consuming either a full serve of gatorade or a ½ serve of gatorade with chia seeds, the results were in performance were exactly the same. This concludes that chia seeds are just as effective as gatorade. This means one will be able to consume less sugar, but with more nutrients.

Take home message, split your 1 serve of gatorade for 2 serves and fill the other half with chia seeds and water for great performance.

2. Chia Seeds Deliver Massive Amounts Of Nutrients

In one serving of chia seeds (28g) you receive 42% of your RDA of Fibre, 18% of Calcium RDA, 9% protein RDA, 27% Phosphorus RDA, 7% Zinc RDA, and 30% Manganese RDA, 4915 mg Omega 3 fatty acids, 1620 mg Omega 6 fatty acids. That’s a lot of nutrients in one serving of these tiny seeds. So by adding them into your diet, you’re definitely delivering your body a burst of nutrients and a huge health kick!

3. Chia Seeds Are High In Fibre

Chia seeds are so high in fibre, which is great for people struggling to reach their fibre intake. Women require 25g of fibre per day. By simply adding an ounce into your daily diet will give you a large boost of fibre. The best part, chia seeds could also be used in a low carb diet because 90% of their carbs comes from dietary fibre. Chia meal is popular in recipes like dough and for muffins and cakes it’s a bit different simply use ½ normal flour for the best consistency.

Fibre is also great for keeping you full, and helping you be more regular, which aids in taking toxins out of your body, plus cleansing your body.

Large fibre intake also significantly enhances weight loss.

4. Chia seeds Reduce Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk

A study was conducted and long supplementation of chia seeds significantly reduces cardiovascular risks! But it gets better, this same study also proves that the chia chia seeds maintain a good glycemic and lipid control in people with type 2 diabetes. This evidence proves that more people should be consuming whole grains as a means to prevent type 2 diabetes, lose weight over (especially when eaten over refined grains), heart disease, and other chronic conditions.