4 Reasons You Should Eat Chia Seeds

4 Reasons You Should Eat Chia Seeds


So if you’ve ever wondered why chia seed are so good for you, then you’ve come to the right place!

You see…

Chia seeds come with so many health benefits that it’s a surprise why we don’t consume more of them.

But before I get in the 4 REAL reasons you should eat chia seeds, I will tell you a quick story with how I got into them.

I was honestly eating chia seeds before the media really began noticing them. I was following Dr. Robert o Young, the founder of the Alkalarian diet, who introduced them to me as they were so alkaline, and super energising.

I Started using them in my porridges, making chia seed puddings, and adding them to my smoothies, they were great! The texture started to become additive and I started consuming them daily because they were good for me.

But just how good were they for me?

That answer will be solved below…

1. Chia seeds Improve Exercise Performance

When a study was done on long distance runners consuming either a full serve of gatorade or a ½ serve of gatorade with chia seeds, the results were in performance were exactly the same. This concludes that chia seeds are just as effective as gatorade. This means one will be able to consume less sugar, but with more nutrients.

Take home message, split your 1 serve of gatorade for 2 serves and fill the other half with chia seeds and water for great performance.

2. Chia Seeds Deliver Massive Amounts Of Nutrients

In one serving of chia seeds (28g) you receive 42% of your RDA of Fibre, 18% of Calcium RDA, 9% protein RDA, 27% Phosphorus RDA, 7% Zinc RDA, and 30% Manganese RDA, 4915 mg Omega 3 fatty acids, 1620 mg Omega 6 fatty acids. That’s a lot of nutrients in one serving of these tiny seeds. So by adding them into your diet, you’re definitely delivering your body a burst of nutrients and a huge health kick!

3. Chia Seeds Are High In Fibre

Chia seeds are so high in fibre, which is great for people struggling to reach their fibre intake. Women require 25g of fibre per day. By simply adding an ounce into your daily diet will give you a large boost of fibre. The best part, chia seeds could also be used in a low carb diet because 90% of their carbs comes from dietary fibre. Chia meal is popular in recipes like dough and for muffins and cakes it’s a bit different simply use ½ normal flour for the best consistency.

Fibre is also great for keeping you full, and helping you be more regular, which aids in taking toxins out of your body, plus cleansing your body.

Large fibre intake also significantly enhances weight loss.

4. Chia seeds Reduce Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk

A study was conducted and long supplementation of chia seeds significantly reduces cardiovascular risks! But it gets better, this same study also proves that the chia chia seeds maintain a good glycemic and lipid control in people with type 2 diabetes. This evidence proves that more people should be consuming whole grains as a means to prevent type 2 diabetes, lose weight over (especially when eaten over refined grains), heart disease, and other chronic conditions.


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