Blender – The Ultimate Equipment To Make Smoothies

Blender – The Ultimate Equipment To Make Smoothies


Making the perfect healthy smoothie takes time, equipment and know how.

In our other blogs I’ll talk about the exact recipes and what to put in your smoothies and juices, but in todays blog I wanted to talk a little bit about the equipment that you should be using to make your smoothies.

A High Speed Blender

If you are making smoothies in a regular basis then you NEED a high quality and trust worthy high speed blender. Personally I love the Optimum 9200.

There are many reasons for my love of this blender, however ultimately it comes down to a few things. Firstly its the price. The 9200 is under $500, which is almost half the price of a Vitamix here in Australia! Secondly, the 9200 packs  A LOT of power, like 12% more than a vitamix.

Thirdly, its super quick. With blades that spin at upto 44,000RPM, its much faster than a Vitamix that runs at 38,000 RPM. This leads t much smoother smoothies, much finer flours and much less time bent over hte bench trying to make nut butters.

Other than a blender you need to get yourself some good supplements.

Supplements that I recommend include things like…

  • Maca powder – as it boosts energy, libido and endurance as well as balances female hormones
  • Greens Powder – Its not always possible to fill your smoothies with loads of organic greens, so instead I recommend that you look at getting yourself a high quality greens powder. What ever one you choose wheat grass should be the base as its the healthiest ingredient on the market
  • Slippery Elm – This bark is great for curing ulcers, digestive issues and much much more. Bottom line – If you’re trying to get healthy take slippery elm.
  • Pure Stevia Extract – Pure Stevia extract is essential for healthy living. If allows you to ditch the nasty sugars that posion your system and kill your insides while swapping them for much healther Stevia.

Bottom Line

If you’re serious about making smoothies a life style change, then I highly recommend that you get yourself a high speed blender such as the Optimum 9200, as well as the supplements to help you get the most from your day.


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